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Back in the early to mid 1990's, I was busy drawing cartoons. I named this cartoon series "Another Reality" and placed them inside folders which contained 100 cartoons each, and as of now I'm at book 7. This cartoon series may remind you of Bizarro or the Far Side for their style of humor. I have never tried to publish them yet, so I'm showing many of them here (just click on the links for the cartoons) - I hope you enjoy the "Another Reality" series.
Another Reality Coming Soon.
Another Reality 2 Coming Soon.
Another Reality 3

When you learn karate, you must first learn how to block.

This is one bad marketing idea.

Here is a ninja showing off his nunchuks.

We've all heard the saying "I knew you were coming, so I baked a cake" - time to mess it up.

Here's a bad idea for a sport.

A bit TOO much radiation.

There's goldfish and silverfish, lets see what else is on the fishiotic table.

Two Quartz of Milk.

Will that be "soaking" or "non-soaking"?

Now THIS is what "ahead of everyone else" REALLY means.

This can't be good.

Keep them eyes peeled.

Here's a guy sticking out his toungue - is it me or does he look like Richard Nixon.

We've heard of MADD (Mother's Against Drunk Drivers), how about BADD or RADD?

Many cartoon heroes say "Your child bearing days are over", is THIS what they mean?

OK who threw the first punch?

It's easier to get lost in four dimensions.

I think your eyes are bigger than your stomach.

Avoid this doctor at ALL costs!

Beware of Dog.

Excuse me.

Drive safe.

Anyone for some cornbread?

This is what you call a spitting image.

Fishing from the Dock

We've seen the sign that says "Caution Baby on Board", lets hope we never see this one.

THIS guy is creepy. BTW "F'rus means "for us". my brother and I came up with this saying when we were kids.

This is going a bit too far.

Here's a cartoon for the polyhedronist out there - Polyhedron Look-a-like Contest.

Meet mom and pop.

Which Way?

Back seat driver extreme.

Here's a word from the wise concerning plutonium.

Here's a cartoon refering to that mystical continent found on most globes.

Delivering a Package - the wrong way.

Is it a bird, is it a plane, its its - a plane.

Another Reality 4 Coming Soon.
Another Reality 5

The Plague of Eternal Geekiness.

Don't worry, these robbers are unarmed.

This cop aint too bright.

Fill in the Blank.

The polyhedron in this cartoon can be given the shortname "Nisgad".

Fun with Numbers.

The "I knew you were coming" guy returns, now lets see his dark side.

Thats a big ten four, over and out.

Welcome to Paradise.

Kilograham Crackers.

Lets go for a spin.

Woodstock Vs. Livestock.

The videogame characters "Toejam and Earl" are about to get eaten, yikes! - oh wait, thats not them.

Ever see that "FinesseTm" commercial - here's a parody of it.

Knocked out cold.

I Would.

Avoid this kind of hair spray.

Big Bang 2.

Ever hear of the saying "some like it hot, some like it not" - lets mess it up a bit.

Now this is what you call a blind date.

Lets just hope nobody's around.

Swimming Pool.


Breaking the Law of Gravity.

Out of Odor.

These guys are running out of time.

This is the end of the line.

Star Love.

This guy is really lost.

Whoops! Wrong Bag. - this is a classic!

Here's a word from the wise regarding other dimensions. Featuring Yendred from A.K. Dewdney's excellent novel "Planiverse".

One in a Hundred.

Ant Recycling.

Ant News.

The four dimensional being comes at a bad time.

The worst possible un-natural disaster - BTW the blue and white balls are the Earth and moon.

One size fits all - yea right!

Word from the wise regarding boogers???

Another Reality 6

Here we meet Rusty for the first time, lets see how he likes Another Reality 6 - part 1, part 2.

Curiosity killed (oops I mean "billed") the cat.

The other kind of "Real Estate".

Sorry folks, this cartoon is still under construction. You can still look though.

This would make a really cool movie.

I wish I had some of this stuff.

Time to hire a new mower.

Lets see which planet is out tonight - Uranus.

Arm Pit.

Here's a cool saying: "As lost as a polar bear on a hot summer day", and the cartoon versions - part 1, part 2 - wanna bet..

There's two more kinds of bow legged.

Here our favorite frog trying to get that fly - OUCH!.

Wanna get rid of roaches, try this!

Here's some much needed cosmic relief - oops, I mean comic - Well, too late.

What time is it?, I think its a Quarter Passed Ten.

Rusty realizes that it was all just a dream, or was it? Apparently books can change pages of reality.

Here's Bonehead, but try not to call him that.

Jim is eagerly waiting to meet his secretary, but gets a shocking surprise.

Our favorite frog returns, will he ever learn?

Unnamed Rare Diseases.

Fire Engine.

Ever noticed how far away birds look like M's.

Its a bird, Its a plane, its its - this time a bird (as big as a plane).

This guy's ready for St. Patric's Day.

This is Enteresting.

This dude is under way too much pressure.

Here's a stunning view from the planet Uranus.

People are dying to get into this resteraunt.

Rusty's story continues, now we meet his dad.

The other kind of high lighter.

First there was the pick-up truck, now there's this.

The odds of this is approximately one out of a gongulus!

A word from the wise about questions and answers.

Which One.

Another word from the wise about hornets.

In America, we all love the Star Spangled Banner, but make sure you stay away from its distant cousin.

We all know a particular chicken resteraunt that makes its food "finger lickin good" - but THIS one takes it two steps higher.

I don't think this lady wants him to hang around.

Here's a dude that will always choose the smoking section.

The mouth of a river.

Lets see how Rusty's getting along with my book.

I think he's making himself very clear.

Meet Picasso's dad - please ignore the spelling error in the cartoon.


Wrong nail polish.

Let me introduce to you Zock and Dorp, who are trying to get to the 16th dimension. Zock's the one with the cap.

This is odd.

Rusty's adventures continue, keep an eye on the background - part one, part two.

Webbed Feet.

I wonder if anyone in real estate ever met THIS woman.

Zock and Dorp on their way to find fuel, sees the super bowl.

I wonder who's gonna win this pillow fight.

Its a bird, its a plane, its its, . . .How did Rusty get here . . YIKES - watch out!

Here we meet the unorthodox story teller - telling you the "real" story of Mary had a Little Lamb.

PaceTm is a great picante sauce isn't it folks, remember those ol' PaceTm commercials - here's a parody of it.

Lets see what the tea leaves say.

Is Rusty up for a challenge from Frisky. Frisky is a character I used in some board games I made many years ago who would challenge players to win his games.

The third option for "Paper or Plastic".

Tail Gaiters

Don't get mad, don't get even, get ODD.

See if you can find the two meanings of Hangover in this cartoon.

I wonder if this would work - hmm.

Isn't it suppose to be "stop and smell the ROSES"?

When Hell freezes over.

Got bags under your eyes?

The "I knew you were coming" guy is back for more.

Talk about bad taste!

A second PaceTm parody.

Lets see how Rusty is doing, hang on a minute - I got to answer the phone.

Zock and Dorp makes it to the gas station - notice the prices, you can tell its been a few years since I drew this.

This is some seriously bad real estate.

Caution: Watch for Ice on Bridge.

Wanna watch an annoying clown get clobbered?

Watch what you say, you could be taken the wrong way.

Impossible dice throw.

Lets see how Rusty is doing, this is the cartoon on page 590 that I warned him about.

Lucky Dog!

This agent can make you a star.

Zock and Dorp make it back to the ship, lets see if their fuel works.

This would be GREAT for Six Flags, or better yet when you're trying to renew your drivers license.

Good Evening My Pretty

I Ain't Got Nobody.

The ultimate version of Go Fish.

I thought we were getting Lemon MARANGE pie.

I bet Rusty's glad to see the end of Another Reality 6 - hahahaha!

Another Reality 7

I hope Rusty's ready for book 7.

Wouldn't this be a nightmare.

Things that rhyme with Porky Pig.

What happened on July 3, 1776.

God's Birthday.

Floyd really gets lost.

Gimme Five!

Dangerous Highways.

Lets see what Zock and Dorp are up too.

Our favorite story teller is back - this time he tells you what "really" happened the Night Before Christmas.

Many years after the first people walk on other planets with life - This happens.

Paper or Plastic? - WHAT!?

Our frog is back, looks like he's been "around" for a while!

Rusty now enter's Another Reality

She'll be riding six white horses when she comes.

Things that rhyme with Bugs Bunny.

Dr. Kurt gets interested in a girl.

In the year 2025 AD

Santa Cruz

Why people on the intercom sound so strange.

Flying Buttresses

Apparently Zock and Dorp need something to eat - lets see what Dorp finds NOW.

Uh Lady, you're asking the wrong guy!

Slaying the Dragon, or the otherway around.

Six intersting concepts.

G'rillin more ways than one.

Catfish or chicken.

Creative Egyptians.

There's nothing new under the sun.

The wise man is back teaching us about nitroglycerin.

On Christmas we usually see many angelic ornaments, like these - OOPS how did HE get in there.

Wasn't this fortune cookie meant for a lady?

Lets meet the lady that inspired a famous optical illusion.

I have a feeling that she doesn't love him.

Ever see people who is facing away from you, and when they turn around, they look NOTHING like you thought they would - this cartoon celebrates this.

This town aint big enough for the both of us!

Here we see Cupid in action, as well as this new guy.

Even numbers - Warning: contains blood

Now HERE's a scary thought.

Wanna Fly? - This is a classic.

No, this guy is NOT related to Sly nor Alice.

Six MORE interesting concepts.

A simple misunderstanding.

Zock and Dorp's search continues, and here we meet Texas Bob - a character my brother Justin invented for a home video skit back in 1998.

Rusty and his Dad are trying to find a way out.

The mysterious "I knew you were coming" guy is back for more.

This drawing isn't that good - and he knows it.

Get prepared for a pool party.

A peaceful, yet disturbing thought.

Ever see the artwork "Lands End, Days End" - so peaceful, I just had to mess this up in this parody.

Lets see what the cheetah is running after.

I don't think this frog is EVER going to learn!

OK driver, you need to obey that sign!

Say it with Flowers.

When you draw hundreds of cartoon, eventually you will get to the dreaded page number 666.

I've heard that curiosity killed the cat, but this is a new one!

I drew this cartoon after reading the Left Behind series - it depicts the Rapture. That old man in the pic has some great timing!

Little Red frolics in the forest and sees a terrifying sight! - this is classic!

These three farm animals have a great concern, lets listen in on their conversation.

He comes from WHERE!!??

This guy brings new meaning to the song "Looking for Love in all the wrong places".

Anyone out there want some gooseberries, well here's one.

Well in the future, we find the game Tomb Raider 50 - lets take a look.

You know those little Homie figures, seems like everyone is collecting them.

There is a good way and a bad way to use this sign - this is the first of "The Good and The Bad".

An alternative to Bird Watching.

Toad Emotions - a classic!

Lets see how the dwarf planets are handling the "IAU planet definition" fiasco.

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