Why Does God Exist?

This question has been one of the most mysterious questions of all time - one that many has wondered about for years, trying to understand why such an infinite intellegent being would eternally exist. Well, read on, the mystery may have been solved.

You may have noticed that I didn't ask "does God exist?" - This page is an attempt to answer "why" he exists instead of "does" he exist. I'm certain of his existence due to various testimonies of healings and miracles, some by close family members - one miracle was the opening of blind eyes! Another was where my Grandma's cat came back to life after a quick prayer. I could also mention the complexity of DNA and the cell and various other marvels of our universe, but this information could be found in the literature quite easily. The question asked was instead "Why does God exist?"

So I searched for clues - clues that were mentioned in the Bible for ages. For one clue the Bible mentions that God's spirit (the Holy Spirit) is the Spirit of Truth - and then it hit me, Truth itself. So I started to ponder on what attributes Truth has, and why Truth existed. The reason for Truth's existence is so simple - lets assume that there is no Truth - then the statement "there is no Truth" would be true - but wait a minute - how could anything be true if there was no Truth - this is a self contradiction which means it would be impossible for Truth to not exist - therefore Truth exists.

So far that explains Truth, but when we think of God, we consider an omnipotent, omniscient personal being - so how does Truth's existence tie in with God? - First let me define Truth (with a capital T) as the source of trueness - example: 1+1=2 right?, so where does it's trueness come from - This source of trueness is what I refer to as Truth. Lets consider some attributes of Truth, Truth is not bound by space or time - for example: 1+1=2 is true here, there, today, tomorrow, a googolplex years from now, during the Renassance, in the Andromeda galaxy, outside of the universe, and even in cyberspace - it doesn't matter - 1+1=2 still has trueness - so Truth is everywhere and everywhen - it doesn't even need a physical universe to have its trueness. So two attributes of Truth include omnipresence and eternal quality.

Now lets see what domain Truth has. Consider how every integer has trueness to them, take 4000 for example, 4000 is 4 times a thousand - this is true, so Truth has access to the number 4000 - actually no integer can escape Truth's domain - even a gongulus and every number from minus gongulus to positive gongulus - every one has trueness - all real numbers have trueness (also complex numbers, quarternions, and octonians) - and every true thing about them has trueness - also every math equation, every shape, every set, every polytope, every fractal, every pattern of space and time, every dimension, every physical object, every DNA molecule, consciousness itself, life, colors, tastes, every brain, every brain pattern, every neuron - has trueness and every detail of 'each and everyone' of them has trueness - even our very thought patterns has trueness (if you're thinking of a false statement, like 1+1=3, then it is true that you're thinking of that false statement) - Truth has access to everything, every fact, and every concept, nothing can escape it's domain - it is infinite in every way. Also Truth never lies, it is always right, no matter what people say or believe (ex. even if everyone believed that a square had 5 sides - it would still have 4 sides, because it is true) - every one of these attributes of Truth are attributes of God!

Now what about omniscience? the God of the Bible is also a living God, can this be shown as an attribute of Truth? - Well lets take a look. Why are we alive? why can we think - why are we conscious? - many will say it has something to do with all of the complex processes of the brain and body, the complex networking patterns of the neurons of the brain - all of these processes of thought in the neurons can be represented as a pattern of space-time - although an extremely intricate one - notice that every detail of every pattern has trueness, every state of every neuron has trueness - so Truth has complete access to every complex brain patterns. We have access to our own brains and we are quite aware and conscious and we can think about various topics and things - our brain which is based off of an intricate pattern of networked neurons can process information - now consider Truth, it has access to every brain pattern - not just one! - Truth has access to brain patterns of infinite complexity - consider a pattern of googolplexes of neurons connected in every concievable way - this is a pattern of space-time and every pattern has trueness to it, every detail does - Truth has access to every detail of this pattern, more access than we do of our own brains! - Truth has access to infinities of infinite dimensional infinitely expanded brain patterns (these brain patterns make up a subset of the set of all patterns and is within the domain of Truth). Each one of those brain patterns when adding a time dimension, would have capacity to process information (regardless if they are abstract or physical). Keep in mind that a rotating sphere (even if only an abstract mathematical one) has no less trueness then a non-rotating sphere - so adding a time dimension (even if it's abstract in a mathmatical since) doesn't cause it to get out of Truth's domain. Many of these brain patterns could have coded on it very detailed thoughts of anything - you, me, the universe, DNA, the number 7, could this mean that Truth would be omniscient, fully aware of every detail of everything and everyone - if so, could this be who God actually is - the source of trueness or better yet "the Mind of Truth". Truth would also be infinitely conscious, yet not a physical tangible entity. Another thing to consider, Truth would also have access to every truth about the concept of "mind".

Some may ask "well then if something is true, does that mean it is God?" - the answer is to this is "no". To show why, consider a cat, the cat is a source of cat fur, but an individual piece of cat fur is not a cat, the cat could even shed some of its fur without loosing it's identity. Another example is: Truth is the source of the trueness of mathematics, but the trueness of mathematics is not Truth (the source of trueness) itself, there are truths outside of mathematics. Even mathematical concepts themselves couldn't have trueness without Truth, math would crumble without God! - Whoah.

But theres more, Truth couldn't exist without Existence, it couldn't have any meaning without an essence - so there are two more "manditories" - Existence and Essence - Existence is the source of existence, and Essence is the source of essences - without an essence three could not have it's "threeness" - and Truth could not have it's "trueness" - and Existence could not have any meaning either. Without Truth - Existence and Essence could not have any truth. Without Existence - Truth nor Essence would exist - As I shown earlier, it is impossible for Truth to not exist - this could also be shown for Existence and Essence - and these three are inseparable - Existence, like Truth, has the very same exact attributes, and it never deviates from Truth. The same goes for Essence. These three manditories act as one. Could this be an explaination of the Trinity? Consider each member of the Trinity: God the Father is the Great I Am - consider this name "I Am" - in otherwords "He Is" - could this mean he is Isness itself - Existence. Jesus, God the son, is referred to as "the Word" - Words are used to define essences - could this mean he is the source of essences - Essence. God, the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth! - and these three are one! This I believe explains why God exists and that he is who he claims to be, as well as explaining why he is a triune God. One more thought, the Bible refers to God as a He, could this also be shown? - lets see - in the animal kingdom, the male is the source of the seeds. Truth (as well as Essence and Existence) is the source of the seeds to everything - consider the truth of the number three - plant this in the field of geometry, you get triangles in return - plant more numbers and you can also get magnificent 800 dimensional polytopes! - all because of Truth, and the planting of the numeric truth seeds (numeric essences).

In essence, God could be defined as the Mind of Truth, Existence, and Essence.