How to Make Affixthi

Now it's time to learn how to build yet another star polychoron. First we would need to obtain access to a four dimensional world and get the poster board, 4-D scissors, coloring pencils, glue, and other useful 4-D items - I'll let you figure that one out :). Affixthi is the head polychoron from category 16, it consists of dids, gidditdids, gaddids, and octs.
Affixthi Piece Set Affixthi Combo Set

Above are the six piece types of affixthi, followed by the three combos, they were created using Stella4D. We could name the pieces and combos as follows:

the Six Piece Types

Gaddid - blue piece - it is the entire gaddid cell, 120 needed.

Cusion - green piece - comes from trigonal region of the gidditdid cells, 2400 needed.

Bit - red piece with six faces - comes from the corners of the oct cells, 3600 needed.

Big Tet - larger red tetrahedron - comes from the centers of the oct cells, 600 needed.

Little Tet - smaller red tetrahedron - comes from the face centers of oct cells, 2400 needed.

Wedge - yellow piece - comes from the corners of the did cells, 3600 needed.

the Three Combos

Satellite - composed of four cusions surrounding a central big tet, folded inwards and glued together - red and green, 600 needed.

Star - composed of five bits folded inwards and glued together, star shaped combo - red, 720 needed.

Losenge - composed of three wedges and two little tets, folded inwards and glued - yellow and red, 1200 needed.

Building Affixthi

Surround the gaddids with convex tabs, also put convex tabs inside the cups of the cusions and onto the triangle faces of the stars. Concave tabs will fit between the gaps to close all three combos. We can put all combos and the gaddid pieces together all at once. Gaddids connect to satellites via the chevron faces, gaddids connect to stars via the rhombus faces, gaddids connect to losenges via the triangle faces. Satellites connect to stars by the pair of triangle faces. Satellites connect to losenges via the triangle and three pentagons.

The model is now complete - now pack it full of four dimensional toads and affix this to a wall - only if is was meant to be a 4-D toad container.

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