How to Make Getit Xethi

Now it's time to learn how to build yet another star polychoron and this one is a bit more involved. First we would need to obtain access to a four dimensional world and get the poster board, 4-D scissors, coloring pencils, glue, and other useful 4-D items - I'll let you figure that one out :). Getit Xethi is the head polychoron from category 25, it consists of quit gissids, tets, gaddids, and sidtids.
Getit Xethi Piece Set Getit Xethi Combo Set

Above are the nine piece types of getit xethi, followed by the eight combos, they were created using Stella4D. We could name the pieces and combos as follows:

the Nine Piece Types

Crystal - red piece - comes from the corners of tet cells, 2400 needed.

Bar - long purple piece near the top of pic with two bumps on it - comes from two points of the gaddid cells, 3600 needed.

Spaceship - green piece with three legs - comes from the corners of the sidtid cells, 2400 needed.

Bowl - large blue piece which looks like a bowl carved from a dodecahedron - comes from the trigonal region of a quit gissid, 2400 needed.

Disphenoid - simple blue piece near the top - comes from the corners of the quit gissids, 7200 needed.

Turban - strange green piece near the bottom - comes from the triangle shaped facelets of the sidtids, 7200 needed.

Bracket - strange small purple piece in the center - comes from gaddid cells, 7200 needed.

Beak - blue piece at the bottom - comes from the center of the 2-fold regions of the quit gissids, 3600 needed.

Tiny - smallest purple piece - comes from the gaddids, 7200 needed.

the Eight Combos

Star - composed of twenty crystals, folded inwards and glued together to look like a spiky bowl - red, 120 needed.

Crown Jewels - composed of five bars where the long wedge folds inwards, when glued together, it looks like two crowns - purple, 720 needed.

Reactor - composed of four bowls and four spaceships all folding inwards and glued, a very strange combo indeed - blue inside, green outside, 600 needed.

Diamond - composed of two disphenoids, simple looking combo, folded inwards - blue, 3600 needed.

Clam - composed of six turbans, looks like an open clam when unfolded, but closes up when folded inwards and glued - green, 1200 needed.

Fuse - composed of two brackets folded inwards, has an X shape - purple, 3600 needed.

Spikes - composed of three beaks folded inwards, looks like three pairs of spikes - blue, 1200 needed.

V - composed of two tinies folded inwards, small and has a wide V shape - purple, 3600 needed.

the Two Super Combos

Complete Reactor - composed of one reactor and six fuses, part of X connecting to bowls are folded outwards and the part connecting to spaceships fold inwards - blue, green, and purple, 600 needed.

Filled Clam - composed of one clam, one spikes combo, and three Vs. Put a V inside the mouths of the three beaks of the spikes combo with an outward fold. Then put this inside the clam as a sort of "triple tongue" connecting to the clam with inward folds - green, blue, and purple, 1200 needed.

Complete Reactors

To place tabs on the reactor, here are the best spots to put them: in the gaps between the bowls, need one inward tab per gap; long narrow tabs for the feet of the spaceships, only one needed to connect feet of two different spaceships; side pentagons of the bowls to connect to the belly of the spaceships; inside the legs of the spaceships - these will connect to the fuses. These previous tabs are all concave tabs. Convex tabs can be placed on the outside of the spaceship legs, looks like long pentagons, the equalateral triangle faces of the spaceships, and the insides of the bowls. After folding the reactors up and guing them, then we need to put the six fuses into each reactor, they fit under the spaceship legs. Put convex tabs on all triangle faces of the fuses and place the fuses in the reactors. Now all of the reactors are active and complete.

Filled Clams

To place tabs on the clams - place concave tabs on one of the wierd looking faces to close the gap, there are two pairs requiring one tab per pair. Also there are two pair of coplaner triangles touching at a corner, put concave tabs on both triangles of one of the members of each pair to close the clam. For the spikes, put tabs around all exposed faces and only one tab between the gap to close the spikes. The tabs in the beaks are convex tabs, the others are concave. For the V combo, put concave tabs on the smaller triangles. Now glue Vs in the three beaks of the spikes at the convex tabs. Nex glue this configuration into the clam's inside, all concave folds here - the clam is done. Now each clam fits snugly inside the bowls of two reactors. Each reactor connects to four clams. There are convex folds between the reactors and clams. Glue all 600 reactors and 1200 clams together.

Finishing Getit Xethi

Now make the crown jewels - 720 of them. Convex tabs need to be connected to the triangle faces and the rhombus faces and one concave tab inside the gap to close the crown jewel. Glue these in the spaces between five reactors, they connect to the outer parts of the spaceship legs. Next make the stars (120) putting concave tabs between the gaps to close the star into a bowl like shape. Fit these into the holes where twelve crown jewels meet. Next make all of the diamond combos and fit them between the spaceships (triangle faces) and the crown jewels.

The model is now complete - now cook it in the oven at 8000 degrees for 5 hours and eat it - oops I meant toss it in the air and catch it.

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