How to Make Rissidtixhi

Now it's time to learn how to build yet another star polychoron. First we would need to obtain access to a four dimensional world and get the poster board, 4-D scissors, coloring pencils, glue, and other useful 4-D items - I'll let you figure that one out :). Rissidtixhi is the head polychoron from category 23, it is the result of rectifying sidtixhi the one in the sishi regiment with a sidtid verf.
Rissidtixhi Piece Set Rissidtixhi Combo Set

Above are the four piece types of rissidtixhi, followed by combos, they were created using Stella4D. We could name the pieces and combos as follows:

the Four Piece Types

Gid - large yellow starry piece - it is the entire gid cell, 120 needed.

Gemstone - large red piece - comes from the points of the sidtid cells, 2400 needed.

Chisel - green piece - comes from the corners of the oct cells, 3600 needed.

Small - small red pentagonal pyramid - comes from the center of the stars of the sidtid cells, 1440 needed.

the Two Combos

Bloated Star - composed of five chisels and two smalls, slightly folded inwards and glued where the gaps are - green and red, 720 needed.

Orb - composed of four gemstones, folded inwards and glued where the three gaps are - red, 600 needed.

Building the Model

Put convex tabs all over the facelets of the gids. Make the bloated stars where the larger triangle faces have convex tabs. The bloated stars will snug between the pentagonal regions of two gids, these combos will resemble gaps between the two gids. Next come the orbs which fold inwards forming some sort of tetrahedral cup, they need no other tabs than the ones to make the combo. They connect to the three-fold regions of four gids and the triangular faced regions between two arms of the bloated stars.

The model is now complete - toss the model in the air in a twirling motion, dance a little jig, catch it, and then let it roll about on your three or four arms and catch it in one of your hands between the rows and columns of its 14 fingers as you present the finished model - remember you're four dimensional here.

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