How to Make Stut Phiddix

Now it's time to learn how to build yet another star polychoron. First we would need to obtain access to a four dimensional world and get the poster board, 4-D scissors, coloring pencils, glue, and other useful 4-D items - I'll let you figure that one out :). Stut Phiddix is the head polychoron from category 24, it is the result of expanding sidtaxhi from category 18, putting prisms between its sidtid cells.
Stut Phiddix Piece Set Stut Phiddix Combo Set

Above are the four piece types of stut phiddix, followed by combos, they were created using Stella4D. We could name the pieces and combos as follows:

the Four Piece Types

Sidtid - magenta piece - it is the entire sidtid cell, 120 needed.

Stip - blue star prism - it is the entire stip cell, 720 needed.

Slab - red piece - comes from co cells, 2400 needed.

Tet - yellow piece - it is the entire tet cell, 600 needed.

Stut Phiddix Half

the One Combo

Dislab - composed of two slabs, slightly folded inwards - red, 1200 needed.

Building the Model

We can cover the sidtids with convex tabs and put convex tabs on the rectangle pieces of the stips. The configuration on the right shows how you can glue them into a super combo - it is half of the sidtids and stips of stut phiddix. It consists of six of the twelve columns which contains ten sidtids and 60 stips each. Five columns swirl around a central one. The only tabs needed on the dislabs are connected to the large triangles and they are convex folded tabs. The dislabs fit in the gaps between the stip's star arms and the small triangles of the sidtids. Lastly we can put the tets in which connects to the large triangles of the dislabs.

The model is now complete - slam the model into a wood chipper - just kidding - you know the drill.

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