Zero Dimensional Shapes

This page will deal with zero dimensional shapes - OK what is the point? . . . actually - it is the "point". Last updated June 10, 2012.

2012 June 10 - Released online.

2012 April 6 - Point page created.

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Basic Zero Dimensional Shapes

The Zero Dimensional Shape

Look closely, very closely at this mesmerizing shape - look deep at its intricate design, the beauty, the glorious depths. Shown above is THE zero dimensional shape.

This shape can be considered as the basic 0-D shape, actually it is the ONLY 0 dimensional shape. It is:

Point - also known as a monad. It is the shape of all the vertices of all known polytopes. It could be represented by .. It is regular, it is uniform, it is a fair die for it has no sides. It is convex, orientable, and tame. It can also jump through hoops!

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