Polyhedron Category 2: Truncates

The truncates can be formed by chopping the vertices off of a regular polyhedron, the quasitruncates have a much deeper cut. The first five are convex and are therefore Archimedean solids. All of these are orientable. All of these have isosceles triangle shaped verfs. Tut has 12 vertices; tic, toe, and quith have 24; all others have 60. These polyhedra show up quite a bit as cells of uniform polychora. The polychoron categories most similar to this one are 2 and 7.

10. Tut - (TUT) truncated tetrahedron. Symbol is oxx. Faces are 4 triangles and 4 hexagons.

11. Tic - (TIC) truncated cube. Symbol is ox'x. Faces are 6 octagons and 8 triangles.

12. Toe - (TOE) truncated octahedron. Symbol is xx'o, also xxx. Faces are 8 hexagons and 6 squares.

13. Tid - (TID) truncated dodecahedron. Symbol is ox^x. Faces are 12 decagons and 20 triangles.

14. Ti - (TI) truncated icosahedron. Symbol is xx^o. Faces are 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons. Also called a Bucky ball.

15. Tigid - (TIJ jid) truncated great dodecahedron. Symbol is o*x^x. Faces are 12 stars and 12 decagons.

16. Tiggy - (TIG gee) truncated great icosahedron. Symbol is xx*o. Faces are 12 stars and 20 hexagons.

17. Quith - (QUITH) quasitruncated hexahedron, also called stellatruncated cube. Symbol is ox"x. Faces are 6 octagrams and 8 triangles.

18. Quit Sissid - (quit SIS sid) quasitruncated small stellated dodecahedron, also called small stellatruncated dodecahedron. Symbol is o^x*'x. Faces are 12 decagrams and 12 pentagons.

19. Quit Gissid - (quit GIS sid) quasitruncated great stellated dodecahedron, also called great stellatruncated dodecahedron. Symbol is ox*'x. Faces are 12 decagrams and 20 triangles.

Conjugate Pairs: tic-quith, tid-quit gissid, ti-tiggy, tigid-quit sissid.

Self Conjugates: tut, toe.

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