Welcome to the Fourth Dimension

Chapter 2

What I Saw

For the next ten minutes, I stood there shaking, catatonic staring off into this unbelievable four dimensional landscape. There were clouds in the blue sky, green grass, hills, trees all about me but spacious in between, also there was a mountain up ahead off to one of the sides. I could also hear the flowing of a river up ahead, sounds like the typical landscape. But there was nothing typical about it, the extra dimension changed everything. It was no longer - up, down, front, back, right, left. Instead it was - up, down, front, back, right, left, wint, zant! The horizon was no longer the familiar line which divides the ground from the sky which encircles you which you can easily scan from left to right. It was now a surface that divided the ground and sky and this time it “englobed” you, you couldn’t simply scan it - you would have to look all over it, turning your head right, wint, left, and zant. I called the direction 90 degrees clockwise from left in a sideways direction “wint”, it’s opposite is “zant”.

The surface of the ground didn’t have two dimensions, but three. Noticing the trees, they didn’t have a circular girth, but a spherical girth, most of them were about 6 inches to 3 feet in diameter and about 5 to 50 feet high. The closest one was 20 feet from me, ahead but slightly to the left-zant. The trees were scattered about in every direction, in a three dimensional arrangement, the extra dimension made it easy to see around them, not only could you look to the right or left of the tree - but a full circle of directions (not counting up or down). My head started to swim, I held my right hand to my forehead, this is when I paid more attention to the four dimensional form of my body.

I had four arms! one for each side, right, left, wint, and zant, also four legs arranged in a square pattern on the ground, I started to sway forward, then backwards, then I moved my wint and zant legs forward to keep me from falling, now my feet were on the ground arranged in a tetrahedron - this was too much! I also had four eyes, which were on the same sides as the arms and legs - they were arranged in a square pattern, I could tell by shutting them one at a time - all the eyes were at the same level, not two above another two - but one on each of the four sides, I could feel that my nose was under the center point of my eyes. Instead of having four nostrils, I had one that went full circle around the bottom center part of my nose. The center part was like an axis to the donut shaped hole of the nostril and extended forward towards the tip of my nose, and going backwards towards the base.

I felt of my mouth, now shut - the gap between my upper and lower lips was not just a line, but a shape halfway between a circle and a four-leaf clover. I opened my mouth and felt of my top teeth, they were arranged in rows and columns, like square tiles on a bowl where the inside of the bowl faces backwards. I bet there were several dozen teeth, my bottom teeth were in a similar pattern. I felt of my mustache which was shaped like an inverted bowl over my top lip and felt as though it had four parts instead of two - one for each side. My four ears were not arranged like the eyes, but arranged 45 degrees different, instead of a right ear or a zant ear, I had a right-wint ear and a left-zant ear.

My hands liked to freak me out, I had four hands, which looked identical - I could of worn a left glove on my right hand if I wished. I held my right hand in front of me, palms up, “thumb” pointing out. Instead of a normal thumb, I had a doubled thumb, it was like two thumbs fused together with the ends free to bend separately, the two thumbs were wint and zant of each other. I started to bend them towards the inside of my palm and let the two thumbs bend in and out alternately, I could tell that this kind of thumb was necessary to help grasp four dimensional objects.

I also had 14 fingers as well as the two thumbs on each hand, the middle finger on the right was like an index finger with a finger to it’s wint and zant, left of this row was four middle fingers arranged in between and to the left of the three index fingers, left of these was four ring fingers, then furthest left (facing in towards my body) was three pinkies arranged similar to the row of index fingers, the wint and zant sides of this hand were symmetrical. Although my fingers were arranged in rows and columns, they were all sideways of each other, none were in front of or behind others. This hand was capable of picking up and holding 4D objects. Also the girth of the fingers were spherical. The middle zant ring finger on my right hand still had my wedding ring on it which now was shaped like a spherical band englobing the lower part of the finger.

I also noticed that my arms had spherical girths, I grabbed my right wrist with my zant hand and it felt as though I was holding a ball. My four arms were not positioned with two above another two, but in a square arrangement about my sides all joined to shoulders, four shoulders with my head and neck above the center of them. As I was observing this four dimensional body that I had, I was in utter bewilderment, eyes wide open utterly shocked, almost terrified, what would I see in the mirror? It wasn’t horrifying at all, but utterly bizarre and a perfectly fitting four dimensional version of the human body.

As fascinating as this place was, I had to get back home, I turned around and looked up searching around for the portal, there it was - an eight foot circle which now appeared thin like a slit due to my dimensionality, was about 10 feet off the ground - “How am I gonna get up there?” I said, feeling how my 4-D mouth moved - very strange. On the ground was the chair, now four dimensional, it must of fell out with me. It was folded up, so I unfolded this chair, it had four front legs and four back legs, when unfolded, the feet of the chair was arranged like the corners of a cube, the seat was a cube of about 14 inches and was half an inch thick, the back was a three dimensional shape with a square face at the top and an inverted cubic bowl towards the bottom, there was four bars connecting this back to the back of the seat, bars were arranged in a square.

I set it up under the portal, got on top of it, when I looked back up towards the portal, getting ready to jump up and grab it, it disappeared with a swoosh, it was no more! I was trapped in a four dimensional world! “Oh no!” I said in a hopeless manner - how will I ever get back home to my wife. I got down, turned around wintwise and sat down in the chair with my four legs in front oriented in a diamond pattern in front of the chair’s square arranged front legs. With my four elbows on my knees and my head propped in my four hands, I sighed with a strange mix of emotions- sadness due to thought of never seeing my wife again, exited due to this new world to explore, frightened due to the utter bizarreness of this place and where am I to go now, and thoroughly confused - what am I doing in a four dimensional world to begin with and how in the fourth dimension am I gonna get back home!

Still holding my head in my right and left hands, I let my wint hand set on my thigh after my wint elbow slipped off the knee due to the spherical-ness of both of them, there is so much more space to slip into. I held my zant hand in front of me making patterns with my fingers, just by holding some up, leaving others down. One pattern I made was an X pattern, I held up my four corner fingers and four core fingers (the middle two ring fingers and middle two middle fingers). I then made a circle pattern by holding all my fingers up except the four core fingers and moving the others in various sideways directions to circle them out. After that I actually patterned various letters and numbers, this seemed bizarrely funny and I snickered through my nose with the thought “This is crazy!”.

The thought of never finding a way back haunted me. I sat there for a few minutes grieving, wishing for a way back to my wife. Feeling that my shoes were loose, I bent down to tie the laces, with my mind filled with thoughts of not ever seeing Ruth again. What I saw next surprised me, all four of my shoes were untied. The shoes had four sectors to tie together, each sector was a wedge shaped flap, there were two shoe strings on each shoe, each one connects a pair of opposite sectors together. The sectors were arranged in a square with the wedges inward. The holes were near the wedge part of the sectors and were not circular, but spherical holes, the strings weaved back and forth through the holes of a sector and it’s opposite, but yet not a one string was tied. I then propped my wint leg on my right thigh to tie the two string on it, but the way the space looked around it was a dead give away - I wont be able to tie the strings. However, I tried. As I was trying to tie them, the strings kept moving passed each other, going around the other one - missing it by inches, they just wasn’t going to snag each other. With surgical accuracy, I was able to get the two strings to intersect, but it just slipped around it like a string would do a BB. I said almost sarcastically “what good is this! you cant even tie strings!”. I then got smart, I pushed the string ends through the occupied spherical holes to double them up. This made it tighter inside those overfilled holes, I pulled the strings as tight as I could and the friction of the holes with the doubled strings kept it tight. Even pulling on the strings was different, they sometimes would slip around my fingers due to the spherical-ness of them, and the string itself almost felt like a tiny ball slipping from my fingers. However my hand could hold it, yet it felt as though it was a string length tiny ball which was plowing into my palm as I pulled this string full force. I “tied” all of my shoes this way, and weaved the strings through the holes so they wont be dragging on the ground.

Then a startling thought occurred to me, if strings cant be tied and clothing is made of tiny strings that are weaved together, why didn’t all my clothes unravel. I took a look at my shirt, which now had a spherical collar and four spherical sleeves, it wasn’t made of thin strings, but out of thin sheets which were knitted together, the sheets themselves could be knitted! I could just picture a four dimensional granny with square shaped knitting needles knitting with sheets instead of string. That thought made me burst with laughter. Well at least you can tie sheets into a knot. My pants were the same way, however the seams on the legs were arranged like the edges of a dodecahedron which extended the whole length. I guess you couldn’t call what I wore “a pair of pants”, there were four legs, so I called it a “set of pants”.

Although I deeply longed to be with Ruth, I was getting more curious about this strange place, what other surprises wait. I looked at my right wrist to see what time it was, no watch. I then turned my wrist in every direction - it resembled a ball turning in every way, no watch. I looked at my left, wint, and zant wrists - nothing - where’d it go! I stood up and looked all over the 3-D ground, finally I spotted it ten feet ahead a little to the right and ten degrees to the wint. I picked it up, it had a spherical face (or should we say “cell”), the hands were jarred loose and pointing in wild directions, the numbers were weird looking, the four looked like the edges of a pyramid with two triangles extending off it, the 10 looked like a sphere next to a circle, all of the numbers were 3-D arrangements. There were also more numbers moving out of the main circle out towards the poles, one of these looked like a spiral, another like a double helix, and one of them looked like a circle with a line going through it. I was not gonna tell time with this. The band was still circular, and each link looked like a set of three thin cylinders, with the middle one offset, the tiny bars that linked them went through tiny spherical holes. I was about to put the watch on by pulling it over my hand, then realized there was another way. I put the watch on my wrist directly from the side, it was like putting it on a ball, when I turned my wrist, the watch fell off. I picked it up and slid it on my wrist sideways again, this time I pushed it up my arm making sure it doesn’t snap off the side, the watch was on tight. I carefully turned my wrist and it stayed. I swung my arm, the watch dislodged and fell off my arm sideways, so I put it in my wint pocket saying “so much for that!”.

I went back to the chair and sat down looking at the ground. The grass looked weird, each blade of grass was star shaped, usually with five ribs - similar to starfruit, sometimes with 4, 6, or even 7 ribs. A blade of grass was about 3 to 5 inches long, a millimeter thick, and with a star shaped section which was about a fourth of an inch wide. The ribs went from the center line to each of the five or so edges, similar to the insides of a starfruit. This grass was covering the entire three-dimensional surface of the ground. When looked at closely, it looked like tiny, green, paper thin, very elongated starfruits springing from the ground everywhere. The best way to describe how they were coming out of the ground would be to imagine a room filled with tiny green paper stars floating in every orientation, that’s just the base.

---to be continued---

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