Welcome to the Fourth Dimension

Chapter 1

How it Started

My name’s Joe Brown, I’m in my mid thirties and look like the typical Texan with brown hair and mustache. Just your average carpenter who lives in a small East Texas town. The story I’m about to tell is so incredible, that I can hardly believe it myself. The place I saw was far beyond comprehension, a world that even this universe can not contain.

It all started about a year ago on a November evening. I was at Fred Chapman’s house sanding the cabinets. Fred is a large, jolly, wealthy fellow who hired me a few days before to remodel his kitchen. His house, which is painted white inside and out, is a large two story home with spacious rooms. I was in the kitchen - which at that time was under construction, saw dust on the floor, paint buckets in the corner, and my wooden ladder propped up next to the cabinets. I was on the ladder sanding the tops of the cabinets getting them ready to paint tomorrow.

Fred came in, in his typical good humor “How’s progress Joe? - lookin’ real good!”

“Nearly done - just the tops ta go!”

“Great! - it’s nearly 8-o-clock, don’t wanna keep ya too long!” I looked at my watch “Yes it is - I better finish up.”

“Want some tea?”

“Yea - that’ll be great.” I was sanding the last part of the cabinet top then I climbed down the ladder as Fred was pouring up a glass of sweet tea, it was sprinkling outside. Fred gave me the tea and said “Just watched the news - we’re in for some bad weather.” I looked out the window at the sprinkling, drinking my tea “Hope I get home before it hits - how bad?”

“Flashflood warnings, severe thunderstorms and the such.”

“Man! How long’s it gonna last?”

“Past midnight.”

I started to clean up, folded the ladder and leaned it against a wall where it was out of the way, as well as put my sanding equipment on the bar under the cabinets. Fred was looking out the window, it was sprinkling a bit harder - now like a light rain. I was getting ready to go home, looking forward to being with my wife.

My wife, Ruth, is in her early thirties, beautiful with auburn hair, she has the typical country girl look. She can cook up a delicious meal and always has it ready when I get home, looking forward to my being there. I was looking forward to the meal wondering what it would be, she usually tends to surprise me with something new. One time she came up with a very bizarre but tasty meal - barbequed Chinese food - the mix of barbeque and soy sauce was interesting.

As I was thinking about this, Fred asked “When will ya be over tomorrow?”

“’bout eleven.” I walked into the entrance hall and got my coat and put it on. Fred followed then paused, arms crossed, looking up a bit and said “I was thinking about putting in some shelves in the main bedroom for displaying models - would you be interested in building them?”

“Yea - no problem - after I finish the kitchen, I can start on ’em.”

“Great! I’ll see ya tomorrow then, hope ya get home before the floods. Oh tell your wife that Margaret said hi.” Margaret was Fred’s wife, they are about the same age, near 50, Margaret was in the living room watching TV, she is petite with brownish blond hair. I said “I’ll tell her.” I opened the front door, it was still raining lightly outside. I turned toward Fred and said “See ya tomorrow Fred, I’ll try to make it home in one piece.” Then I headed out as he said “bye” and shut the door. I made a dash for my blue Ford pick up where I left the umbrella behind the seat, thankfully it wasn’t raining bad enough to use it yet. Once I entered the truck, I fastened the seat belt and cranked it, then backed out of the driveway.

It was about 50 miles to my house, a good hour long drive - little did I know, I wouldn’t be making it home that night! After turning off of Fred’s street onto the main farm road, I turned on my windshield wipers and wiped the moisture off the windshield with my hand for better seeing, still raining, lightning in the distance. I also turned on the radio which was talking about the weather “..warning until 2 AM, I repeat we are under a flashflood warning until 2 AM, those of you driving out there, be extra careful of water run-offs and don’t drive under severe rain. All of East Texas under a flashflood warning until 2 in the morning...” Talking to nobody in particular “Hope I make it home ‘for it hits”. I just stopped at the red light where there is a gas station to the right when the weather report changed to country music. I stayed on the farm road after the light changed, this road takes me 35 miles closer to home and is mainly in the country with little traffic, the gas station is the last one until I get within two miles of home - however I had enough gas to get home. About five miles further, the rain started to pick up. I said “Uh oh” then turned up the wipers, lightning was getting closer and the thunder louder, causing electric charges in the radio transmission. Due to the fact that my defrost wasn’t working, I had to wipe the windshield once in a while. Another flash of lightning.

There was no sign of the rain letting up - it got even worse, I had the wipers on the second fastest speed, thunder was frequent. I had traveled ten more miles when I saw flashing police car lights up ahead. As I approached, I needed to wipe the windshield again and slow down - there was a head on collision up ahead surely caused by the rain. Apparently the car in the oncoming lane must of hydroplaned into the one in my lane, glass was everywhere. I slowed down as the policeman who was holding an umbrella to shield against the rain, redirected me with a flashlight to turn left on the road immediately before the wreckage.

This road I was unfamiliar with, it was a small but long back road which had very few turn offs with a few curves in it. After a few more miles, I finally found a turn off to the right, I turned and found myself on another back road. The rain picked up, I had to set the wipers on full speed, trying to find the farm road, I turned on another back road and now I was lost. I was driving through a forest with no sign of homes or stations or the farm road. The next flash of lightning which came with a crack of thunder, was so loud I jumped, the radio transmission did too with a crackling sound. I held my heart like I was about to have a heart attack, still driving in the torrent. The window kept fogging up causing me to wipe it frequently as I drove. Wiping the fog off, my eyes caught something in the road - a soaking couch which must of fell off a truck and busted - I was right on top of it, I yanked the steering wheel to the right to dodge it, as I yanked back to avoid driving off the road, my truck hydroplaned. I tried straitening it to no avail, I was off the road going 35 mph, down a slope with tree branches attacking the windshield, and CRASH!

My truck ran head on into a tree. I wasn’t hurt, just a few bruises, however I was shaking like a leaf. I tried to crank the truck - nothing, even the battery appeared dead. “Oh Great!” I said wondering how I has going to get home, here I was in the middle of nowhere in a flashflood wrecked into a tree. I could barely see what I hit, due to it being night time and the flooding rain pouring onto the windshield, however I could tell it was a tree. I unbuckled, grabbed my umbrella and got out, the door being slightly jammed, but openable. I opened the umbrella and scoped out the damage.

The front end was totaled, steam pouring out of the busted radiator, the hood crumpled in like tin foil. The truck was crammed into the tree by about 2 feet, the tree was bent due to the crash, it was about 18 inches in diameter. Holding up the umbrella, I looked at the carnage, shook my head and sighed. I got back in the truck, closed the umbrella and threw it behind the seat in anger and slammed the door. I slammed my fist into the dashboard shouting “Dadgum! I can’t believe this!” How I wish I had a cell phone, I could call Ruth or Fred, but then again - I had no clue where I was. The only thing I could do now was to wait till the rain let up and start walking in search of a phone or hitchhike. I would of been surprised if a car passed, due to the rain and the remoteness of the road. Even if one did, he wouldn’t of seen my truck since it went into a ditch behind a trail of trees.

After waiting half an hour, there seemed to be no sign of the rain letting up, by now I should of been home or very close. I was concerned that Ruth would start worrying if I was too late finding a phone. I thought about heading out and walking - but I had no desire to become a drowned rat. During those 30 minutes, I had my arms crossed, looking out at the rain through the windows and sighing. I decided to crank the truck - nothing, no electricity, sound or anything.

A few minutes later, I noticed that the rain was letting up - this was my chance! It was still raining, but not in torrents. I got my umbrella and went out of the truck, opening the ‘brella and shutting the door. I walked up the slope through the trees which had branches ripped off of them due to my truck going through, the ground was wet. I avoided the muddy tracks caused by my tires, they appeared very slippery especially in the rain. I climbed up the slope, holding onto the tree branches to keep me from slipping down. Finally I was at the road, no cars in sight. Looking back, all I saw was a trail through the trees, the truck was hidden like I thought.

I had the option to wait for passing cars or start walking, I stood there for a few minutes, but no cars came. Since there was nothing but trees for miles back, I looked forward, up the road, and started walking. Thankfully the rain didn’t get any worse, it let up a bit more, but I still had to use the umbrella. After a mile of walking, there was still no sign of life outside of the grass, trees, and a few toads hopping across the road in the rain. Bored, I picked up a toad and looked at him as he was trying to kick loose. Looking at the toad, I said “Guess, I’m not the only one walking in the rain.” His response was a warm drizzle dripping down my hand, “Well ya didn’t hafta pee on me.” I let him go in the grass and swished my hand in a puddle to wash it off and shook the water off. I continued forward.

I was already getting tuckered out. I already been at work for ten hours, sanding cabinets, priming the walls, and caulking cracks under and inside some cabinets, this tired me already, let alone nearly two miles of walking in the rain holding an umbrella. I would switch hands to hold the ‘brella due to my arms getting tired. As I switched hands, I would stretch my arm and rotate my shoulder in a circular pattern to massage it, then start “whipping” my arm like it was a whip as though I was slinging something off my hand to try to loosen it up. I walked further and then my eyes caught a light up ahead. I continued further and saw that the light was coming from a house deep in the woods up ahead and to the left, with a muddy dirt driveway heading towards it. “YES! Civilization!”

I jogged down the muddy driveway, slipped on the mud, fell forward and caught my self, landing on my hands and knees. I got up and wiped the mud off my pants and coat, shaking my hands to shake the mud off, then reluctantly wiping my hands on my pants to remove the remaining mud. I then grabbed my umbrella which fell to the ground while I slipped and walked the rest of the way to the house. One room which was to the far right was lit, the rest of the house was dark, even the porch light was off. I folded up my umbrella since the overhang shielded me from the rain.

I knocked on the door and waited, but there was no answer, no sound from the inside, just the sound of light rain outside. I knocked harder, but no answer. The driveway did have a van parked beside it, someone had to be home - I hoped. I knocked louder and more persistently, still no answer. I looked into the window to my left, all I saw was darkness. I knocked for about a minute and still no answer, I turned to look towards the driveway, letting my right leg bounce showing my impatience. After waiting another minute I turned towards the door, turned the knob - it was unlocked, should I go in, the last thing I wanted was a double barrel shotgun aimed at my face.

I opened the door and shouted “Anybody home?” I walked into the dark entrance hall and heard nothing. I fumbled for a light switch and flipped it on - still dark. “Hello! Anyone here?” I let my eyes adjust to the darkness, to my left was the living room. I walked in, fumbled for another light switch - flipped one on - nothing. The lamps didn’t work either, apparently the electricity was off, the corners of the house was caked with cobwebs. The TV wouldn’t turn on either, the electricity was off. I found a phone near a lounge chair, I got it and there was no dial tone “Great!”

Then remembering that the back room had a light on, I decided to investigate. I walked through the entrance hall and to the left was the kitchen, it’s light didn’t turn on. Being hungry, I walked to the fridge and opened the door, the smell liked to knock me off my feet, no light turned on and it was warm inside. From what I could see due to the low light was a half gallon of badly clabbered milk, and moldy food of all types - who ever lived here hasn’t been here in months or even years by the look of the food. I was grimacing real bad due to the smell, I shut the door, almost ready to throw up.

I walked back in the hall and headed for the back where the light was on, the door was to the right and was shut, light coming from under it. I knocked and yelled “Hello?” - no answer. I opened the door revealing a very sophisticated room full of books, papers, computers, and a large eight foot wide CD on the wall ahead of me, displaying the same beautiful holographic colors that CDs have. The computers were turned on, where was the electricity coming from. Then I looked to my left and saw a large metal casing which hummed - it cased a generator, the radiation symbol on it made me realize it was nuclear powered. I said “Whoa! what kind of a room is this?”

As I walked in, I wondered where in the world could the owner be, apparently he has been gone for a long time - months at least. One thing that pointed this out was the half hamburger that was so old it was nearly dust - it was too old to have a smell, it was sitting next to a bottle of dried up soda on the table in the middle of the room. Also on the table were papers scattered all over the top, and a few books, the papers were filled with physics equations and geometrical drawings - looked Greek to me. The books were about the fourth dimension. Dusting a book off, I opened it seeing beautiful graphics of sections of what was called polychora - defined as four dimensional polyhedra, however the pictures looked 3-D to me. I thought back when I was in high school where I studied geometry, I was familiar with the regular polyhedra - used to collect dice that were shaped like them. I also remembered seeing an article on tesseracts (4-D cubes), however the drawings looked either 2 or 3 dimensional. I heard that the fourth dimension was time, but what did that hafta do with cubes. I have read a few articles on the fourth dimension, but had no clue what it really was, was it time, an alternate universe, a figure that looked like a cube within a cube? Although I knew what dimensions were, use them in carpentry a lot, they are the measurements of the various lengths, widths, and thicknesses, I didn’t quite get the “fourth dimension” concept. I put the book down, took my coat off, laying it in the chair and studied the room.

Beyond the table and chair was the strange 8 foot CD on the wall, this CD must of stored millions of megabytes of info, the biggest CD I have ever seen. There were wires coming from under the right side resembling the bus wires in a computer, they connected to the computer to the right which said “Project 4-D” on the screen. On the right wall near the window were two more computers, both on, apparently cranking through numerical data. I saw a phone near the computers, went over and picked it up - no dial tone. There were cobwebs between the walls and ceiling, and the room appeared very dusty except near the CD. On the wall opposite the two computers were bookcases filled with all kind of books, I went over to investigate. The books were about various math and science topics: Astronomy, biology, geometry, computer programming, Einstein’s theories, quantum theory, string theory, fourth dimension, calculus, books on the brain, DNA, topology and many other topics that a carpenter would have no clue about.

To the left of the bookshelves were several PhD certificates, all belonging to a Professor Hector T. Steiner. He had a PhD in physics, mathematics, computer science, biology, astronomy, chemistry, and neuroscience. A terrible thought hit me, where’s the professor? He left all this equipment on and there’s no sign of him anywhere. Was he kidnapped by terrorists, this dude must of been extremely intelligent by the looks of this room and surely he was working on something big. But he couldn’t have been kidnapped, no sign of a struggle, bad housekeeping definitely, but no struggle signs. Also the equipment’s still here, it would of been stolen. Did he die, I sure hoped not, stumbling across his corpse would of ruined my day. I didn’t smell anything dead other than the stuff in the fridge.

I sat down in the chair, fumbled through the papers - didn’t understand a word (or should I say equation) of it. The rain was acting up again. I looked at my watch, it was 11:45 PM, I’m sure my wife was worried sick, I had to get home or at least to a working phone. I decided to rest here a while and wait for the rain to settle down, then to walk further down the road. After about ten minutes, I got up and paced the floor walking around the table, looking at the various equipment, wondering what this guy was working on, little did I know, I was soon about to find out - the hard way.

Walking around the room, looking up at the ceiling, I was wondering how long it’ll be before I got home, supper would of been cold long before now, I was getting hungry wishing I was home with Ruth eating supper instead of being in this strange computer lab. As I was thinking this, my leg snagged on the table leg, causing it to scoot, knocking off papers and tripping me, I fell into the chair, it turned over, my leg getting caught up in it, coat flying to the floor. I fell strait for the CD, holding my arms out, hoping not to break it or smear the data. The computer was talking saying “Universe detected” as my palms hit the CD which broke my fall, I heard humming behind the CD like something was turning on behind it, the computer said “Dimensionality four”. I was trying to regain my balance with most of my weight leaning on the CD as the computer said “Portal opening”, with a swooshing sound, the CD dematerialized, causing me to fall into it, electricity was surging my body causing my eyes to seal shut, every cubic inch of me felt as if it was bulging in some unseen direction. It seemed that I was falling out the window of a two story building, I hit the ground with a loud THUD, then my head bounced the ground, and I lost consciousness.

I must of been unconscious for hours, my head still hurting. Even before I opened my eyes, I knew something was wrong, extremely awry, I could feel it, space itself felt different. It felt as if I was floating in mid air, but yet on the ground at the same time. For some crazy reason, I felt as though I had four legs, and four arms as well as four eyes - that was ludicrous, no way that could be true! I could tell it was daylight, by the shine on my eyelids, also no rain. Even though my eyes were closed, the shine itself didn’t seem right, it looked vastly different.

The way things felt and seemed spooked me so much that I jumped up and sprung my eyes open, then there was the sound of me screaming with shear bewildering terror - the type of scream one would have if he woke up sky diving, the surroundings was so bizarre, and far beyond human comprehension. Was it the scenery around me that looked strange - worse! it was the “around” itself, there was more “around”. Space itself was vastly different, there were more directions, the scenery couldn’t even belong to our universe.

My whole being was shaking, I felt as though I was about to go into shock, chills going up and down my spine, I had a severe case of the riggers. Was this Heaven - no my head was still hurting, was it Hell - no it’s way too beautiful, the scenery being far more beautiful and glorious than any I have ever seen, and utterly bizarre. I stood there catatonic, shaking totally speechless, trying to mutter something, but only getting a shaky and squeaky “Wakanna .... wakanna.. . wakanna place .... wa kinda place is this?!”

I was in ... the Fourth Dimension!

Chapter 2

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